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On our website you'll find all products and accessories & parts of our Flamingo range. Unfortunately for the time being only the accessories and parts can be ordered online. Placing an order is simple and quick. Type the item number or name of the product in the search bar, or use the categories (Flamingo products) to search for and order the desired accessory or part.

Below you will find all answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

You can only order accessories and spare parts via this website. To buy our products, please visit one of our sales points. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of your product, we recommend contacting the sales point where you purchased it.
The correct product can be found by entering the item number or the product name. You can also find the product by navigating through our product range until you find the correct product webpage.

You can find all the accessories and spare parts for a product on its webpage. You can order an accessory or spare part by clicking “Shopping basket”.

When placing an order, you will be asked to log into your account or, if you do not have an account, to create one. Follow the instructions given on the screen to complete the order process. You can also use this account to place any future orders.
A product’s item number is stated on the packaging or in the product’s instruction manual. What can you do if you cannot find the item number? You can search for the product name. You can also scroll through the items in the webshop to see if you can find the desired accessory or part.
An order can only be cancelled if you contact us by telephone on the same working day as the order was placed. If you place an order in the evening, there is a good chance that the order will have already entered the delivery process, which means that it will no longer be possible to cancel the order. If you have ordered the wrong item and want to return it, we will reimburse you. In that case, please contact us.
You can find accessories and spare parts on the product webpages. The easiest way to find a product’s webpage is to enter the product name or item number in the search field. The item number is printed on the product’s packaging. If you do not know your product’s name or item number, you can also find the product by clicking the correct category under “Flamingo products”  and searching for the product.
The delivery costs are not included in the sales prices. When returning a product, the postage is at your own expense. The delivery charges differ per country. The delivery charges are as follows: - The Netherlands: € 3.95
- Belgium: € 6.50
- Germany: € 6.50
- Portugal: € 6.50
- Spain: € 6.50
- Italy: € 6.50
- Scandinavia: € 6.50
- Other countries: € 6.50
- United Kingdom: £5.00

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Please note that we only sell small electrical devices (e.g. smoke detectors, etc.). We cannot answer questions about third-party products such as clothing or similar.

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